Multiple Content Types

With Argus, users can search and monitor all kinds of content: text, designs, logos, ..., and this from one single dashboard. Furthermore, Argus provides users with additional information (classification of sources) and a risk assessment for each search result.

Counterfeiting, Piracy, ... and Contract Compliance

Argus not only allows you to efficiently detect the online offering of counterfeit goods and pirated materials. Argus also enables you to verify your business partners' contract compliance with IP and branding guidelines, etc.


Argus enables users to monitor specific sources, such as hundreds of marketplaces all over the internet, social media and news channels, informative sources, etc., allowing you to focus your searches and efficiently and effectively target enforcement actions.

Our Pricing

One-Off Search

Argus Test Drive
€ 750excl. VAT
  • Full search on all channels
  • All results in one comprehensive report
  • One day delivery

Monthly subscription

Per Channel Type
€ 350 excl. VAT, per month
  • Daily monitoring
  • One channel type: Marketplaces, Social Media, News, ...
  • Dashboard access