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We create the most optimal blend of technical and legal expertise in order to effectively and efficiently deliver IP monitoring, protection and enforcement solutions to companies, their legal departments and external departments.


State-of-the-art, machine learning-based domain name monitoring platform

Proprietary algorithms that allow us to find infringing domain names, even in top-level domains that do not publish their zone files / registered domains

Qualifies how the domain name / URL is being used, in order to develop actionable reports and support users in enforcement actions

Specific APIs are available to partners and customers


Clear Web

Content monitoring system that allows users to look for text and images on:

- the internet at large;
- marketplaces; and
- social media channels

Allowing users to take deep dives in search results, set up specific queries within the identified channels and obtain results in real time.

Flexible integration will be possible through function-specific APIs that will be made available to partners.

Clear Web


Keep an eye on all possible sources, tagging your properties as safe & warning for potential threats. Discover all COSTELLO features.


Managed Services

Our Managed Services is comprised of IP experts that can act as a flexible extension to any of existing legal and brand teams.

Our team provides clear guidance on which actions are available and recommended and draft the necessary complaints on your behalf.

We can optimize your solutions!

Whether you are looking for one-off or subscription-based solutions, we can customize our tools to your needs.


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