Key Features of Our Tools:

IP Metro's SaaS solutions provide for:

- real-time monitoring;

- risk assessments;

- classification of results;

- efficient takedowns.


Effective detection of new domain name registrations with IP Metro’s state-of-the-art, machine learning-based domain name monitoring platform.

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Reliability & Speed

DISCONNECT performs over 40k queries per second, constantly monitoring the domain name system for new domain name registrations. Google processes 63k queries per second, FYI ...

Monitor all TLDs

DISCONNECT monitors all generic, country-code, second level, internationalized, and what not domains, making it one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

COSTELLO & ASK VERI (under development)

Tags websites / URLs owned by the brand owner or trusted channels as well as dubious sources of information and malicious activities, phishing, counterfeit products, etc.

Consolidated Sources

Internet users can find a trustworthy response to their concern whether a particular source on the internet they are consulting is reliable or not.

Real Time Warnings

Relying on a wide variety of partners and sources, ASK VERI will warn users if a particular source is selling counterfeit products or attempts to steal personal data.


ARGUS is our new platform that allows intellectual property owners to search a wide variety of sources for how their brands, copyright protected works, designs, etc. are being used or abused on the internet at large, hundreds of marketplaces, most, if not all social media channels, news sources, informative websites, etc.

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Real Time Results

ARGUS generates search results in real time and - depending on the type of subscription - can monitor selected social media channels, marketplaces, etc. on a periodical or continuous basis.

Text & Image

With ARGUS, users can search for the use that is made of a brand (word mark), an image (logo, complex mark, design, product, ...), or a string of text, or a combination of these elements, in order to detect IP use in an effective and efficient way.


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