If this background image expresses how you feel when analyzing data about how your intellectual property rights are being used or abused online, you have come to the right place. Key features of our tools include:


Rely on our state-of-the art monitoring tools for efficient detection of how intellectual property are used online


Customized (risk) assessments for generated search results that allow you to focus on what matters most

Data Consolidation

Consolidation of search results and assessments in order to provide you with directly actionable insights

IP Enforcement

Create cease & desist letters, notice & takedown requests and UDRP complaints directly from our dashboard

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Online intellectual property abuse is omnipresent, resulting in loss of revenue and genuine jobs, but also causing privacy and security breaches, physical safety hazards, and even funds organized crime

A recent study of the OECD and the EUIPO has revealed that the volume of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products amount to as much as USD 509 billion. This represents up to 3.3 % of world trade.

According to the WHO, 50% of pharmaceuticals offered for sale on the Internet are counterfeit. Annually, about 1 million patients die from counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

The FBI recently reported Internet crime losses in excess of USD3.5bn, with phishing/vishing/smishing/pharming leading the statistics.

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