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Tags websites / URLs owned by the brand owner or trusted channels as well as dubious sources of information and malicious activities, phishing, counterfeit products, etc.

Consolidated Sources

Internet users can find a trustworthy response to their concern whether a particular source on the internet they are consulting is reliable or not.

Real Time Warnings

Relying on a wide variety of partners and sources, ASK VERI will warn users if a particular source is selling counterfeit products or attempts to steal personal data.


The impressive amount of data we have collected over the years provides us with unique insights on how malicious activity online is evolving

Machine Learning Algorithms

These insights are used in order to develop proprietary algorithms that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the outputs we generate.

Computing Power

The continuous improvements we are making to our IT infrastructure allows us to perform more than 20k queries per second. That is about 2 billion per day...

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