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All content-based internet searches in one place

Many brand owners we have engaged in over the past few years convinced us to develop an integrated content search and monitoring solution. And since we were at it, we designed a versatile system that could help them in various tasks.

With Argus, users can search and monitor all kinds of content: text, designs, logos, ..., and this from one single dashboard. Furthermore, Argus provides users with additional information (classification of sources) and a risk assessment for each search result.

Argus not only allows you to efficiently detect the online offering of counterfeit goods and pirated materials. Argus also enables you to verify your business partners' contract compliance with IP and branding guidelines, etc.

Argus enables users to monitor specific sources, such as hundreds of marketplaces all over the internet, social media and news channels, informative sources, etc., allowing you to focus your searches and efficiently and effectively target enforcement actions.

Web monitoring

Comprehensive text and images searches based on user-defined locations, self-generated findings and results obtained from a wide variety of search engine.

Social Media and New Channel monitoring

Comprehensive and focused searches on 30+ social media and 200+ news channels in view of detecting IP use, illegal content and reputational harm.

Marketplace Monitoring

Comprehensive and focused searches on 200+ marketplaces and (international) web stores; deep searches on user-defined websites and stores in order to detect and take down illegal content and counterfeit products.

Other Services

  • Managed Services
  • Audit Reports
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Workshop
  • Training

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